Uganda project Communications Campaign

The campaign was created after a visit to Uganda to document the USAID funded RWANU project and its successes over the last five years. The project is helping to improve access to food for men and women and is reducing malnutrition in pregnant and lactating women and children under five in northeastern Uganda.

Deliverables included a communications strategy to help promote the project which included social media campaigns, printed materials, infographics, and submitting content for external communication channels.

The video was produced and edited by Jordan Gantz Creative.
Concept: Jennifer Moffatt, Taylor Briggs
Story board: Taylor Briggs, edited by Meg Weaver, Jennifer Moffatt, Jordan Gantz, John Filson
Video footage and graphics: Jennifer Moffatt


  • RWANU’s “Bright Futures” video was shared on donor Facebook page and received 1,400 views
  • Photos and text were shared on donor FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Images and graphics were created to support a blog post that was shared three different times, with different content, on donor’s social media channels