It was great to be at this energizing, inspiring and exhausting conference.

Here are my key takeaways from this event:

  1. Rise of two-way communication
    Discovery Communications
  • Brands talk with audience/consumers not at them
  • Taking advantage of the moment


  1. It’s about meaningful connections
    Marriott Hotels
  • Brands need to be active members of the community we’re in
  • Shareable content—more about engagement
  • Building awareness and connecting with brands on a deeper level
  • Connecting with customers in new ways


  1. Omni-channel brand experiences:
    All our micro experiences are one big seamlessly connected macro-brand experience


  1. Design/communications as a strategic partner 
  • How does the work impact the bottom line?
  • Design-led companies out perform non-design companies by 219%
  • Look at benchmarking/data
  • Develop a compelling vision/sell it to senior management/turn stakeholders into partners


  1. Brands are following trends..everything starts to look the same—use imagination not imitation
  • Consumers are more informed and connected than ever before
  • Brands need to be authentic and transparent
  • Build on consumer values and align organization to those values
  • When brands lack imagination everything starts to look the same


  1. Breaking the brand
  • Is it on brand (expected project outcome) vs Creative Driven (interpreted)
  • Stand out but with the eye of your brand


  1. Project Management
  • Communicate
  • Know your clients goals
  • Be involved in strategic planning sessions
  • Share creative process
  • Share project timelines and status
    • question survey at the end of the project
    • Was the experience good, what was the project like


  1. Collaboration is critical (customer and staff)
  • Understanding of the brand lives across the company, need a clear vision
  • Collaboration works best when there are defined roles and responsibilities
  • Relationships built on mutual trust and respect


  1. In a rebrand, stakeholder inclusion is key to success
    American Marketing Association
  • Share early and often
  • Find volunteers for early adopters
  • Provide a place to share


  1. Workflow is important—become more efficient
  • Have a digital process and stick with it
  • Track projects/measure work
  • Use templates