Jen Moffatt, senior graphic designer


As the lead inhouse designer for more than three years, and almost ten years of agency experience, I have the expertise to guide and direct an organization’s brand in all visual aspects. Working closely with effective communication and marketing teams, I’ve created highly effective print and digital campaigns to promote visibility, consistency and brand excellence.

I strive to elevate the brands with stronger identities, providing a consistent and cohesive message. I've played a key role in two major website redesigns and have proven that effective design can help an organization succeed.

Inspiring Campaigns

I provide creative direction for various campaigns for my clients with successful outcomes that see increased brand awareness and an increase in social media activity. The strength of my designs work to compel and engage the audience to act.

Leading the Way

My role as a leader is one who sets the standards for an organization's visual identity. I can help tell their story—I can become the voice of an organization through strong imagery and powerful messaging. It's critical to create a compelling story people can connect with.